TISENG group of companies provides integrated solutions in machinery and surface finishing.
From the very beginning of processing with materials and going through fabrication and quality
management, we professionally meet and exceed all the requirements and expectations.
Starting from planning your industrial project, TISENG group will provide you with consulting views
that help you select the right materials, machines and management to run the project successfully.
Turn-key projects are just one of our scopes of work.

Our services include but not limited to:
  • Machinery and industrial materials.
  • Powder coating and wet paint equipment.
  • Powder coating and wet paint lines.
  • Chemicals for surface treatment.
  • Lab instruments.
  • Steel fabrications.
  • Industrial consulting services.
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Innovative electrostatic solution of paint and powder coating:

SAMES from France is able to answer to any and all of your needs and requests for the finishing of your product, by providing you with a solution adapted to your technical requirements and budget considerations.
Manual, auto guns, robots, booths and many other products from SAMES.
SAMES expertise and permanent innovation in the fields of liquid and powder alike, allows offering the most comprehensive line of electrostatic applicators available on the market place.

Bresle kit- chloride test kit
The Bresle KIT - Chloride Test Kit includes all the necessary equipment for assessing the
level of soluble salts on blast-cleaned surfaces prior to coating.
The bresle test method described in the ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9 standard, states that
the conductivity is mainly directly proportional to the concentration of dissolved chloride
ions in the solution.
Contamination of blast-media
The bresle KIT is also suitable to determine the contamination of blast-media in use.

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Dewcheck4- Dew Point Meter (DPM)
Extremely versatile dew point meter (dpm) for measuring and recording all climate parameters
required for treating surfaces. This easy to use and robust Dewmeter conforms to
ISO 8502-4 & ASTM D3276-05 and measures air-temperature, surface-temperature,
air- humidity and calculates the dewpoint. The difference between the surface and
dewpoint temperature indicates the optimal climate conditions for painting.
All parameters can be stored in memory, tagged with a date and time.
The DewCheck Docking Station is indispensable for communication between
DewCheck 4 and computer.
The Dewmeter is delivered in a leather pouch complete with calibration certificate.

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Curve X2 USB oven logger standard kit
Profiling a powder curing oven starts right here with the Curve-X2 USB standard KIT.
It contains all necessary items only add the desired
magnetic or clamp-type probes to make the temperature logger KIT complete.
Curve-x2 USB oven logger standard kit Comes complete with:
- CX1002: Curve-X2 USB with Ideal Finish software and data cable.
- CX2005: Insulation box 300°C
- CX2011: Energy absorber
- CX2100: Probe identification kit
- CX4100: Separate carrying case with trolley

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Auto-Mach-Jet : Automatic electrostatic powder coating equipment
The Auto-Mach-Jet is the most flexible of the SAMES automatic
powder coating applicators.
With an integrated generator working in conjunction with the new
CRN 457 control unit, this applicator provides unbeatable application
quality. All types of coating powders can be sprayed with the
Auto-Mach-Jet on profiles, tubular-shaped, flat or voluminous parts.
This sturdy applicator has been designed particularly for intensive
production in high volumes.
It can be used from a stationary position or mounted on a reciprocator.
Customer benefits:
> High transfer efficiency
> Easy maintenance, the gun is easy to dismantle
> Q/D on powder connection (option)
> High resistance to shocks
> Large choice of nozzles
> Quick disconnect counter electrode
> Improved finish
> The controller provides accurate and fine setting of high voltage (KV)
and current (microAmps): by adapting easily these parameters to the site
conditions (parts shape, target distance, powder flow), the Auto-Mach-jet
+ CRN 457 package will allow you to improve on powder penetration into
complex parts, on wraparound when needed, on touching up or
re-coating parts, to ultimately always offer you the best finished product
The applicator meets the requirements of: EN50050/2001, CE, and ATEX

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SRV 038 Powder Bell: Automatic rotating bell electrostatic spray gun
This automatic and electrostatic powder coating applicator with
rotating bell is specially designed for applications on large flat
surfaces. A variety of powder types can be used with a thickness
regularity less than 5 µ.
The components can be separated in a few seconds without any
special tools and are easily cleaned with an air gun.
The bellcup is very resistant to wear and can easily last for more
than one year under normal conditions of use.

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TRV 117 - Automatic powder sprayer with tribo-electrostatic charge
The tribo method of application is ideal for coating the more complex shaped objects, which are difficult to spray with the corona principle of electrostatics.
Powder sprayed by the TRV 117 penetrates recesses due to the
lack of electrostatic ionization and over comes the Faraday cage
SAMES Technologies has in its range the TRV 117 which has been
designed with the latest design features to created a reliable and
economic spray gun.
The TRV 117 has been designed with three pneumatic controls
which regulate the following :
> injection air adjusts the powder flow (11 kg/h max. recommended).
> dilution air enables a constant flow of powder at low flow rates
> additional air control increases the friction charge without
increasing the powder flow.

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AP 1000: Paint resistivity meter
The resistivohmeter AP 1000 is a handheld meter designed for fast measurement of the
resistivity of paints and varnishes for electrostatic spraying.
We admit that any materials sold on the open market can be sprayed electrostatically,
under the condition that the solvent (or thinner) they use have certain qualities.
The resistivity of the mixture is the main feature we are interested in.
AP 200 is the tool essential to paint labs, customers’ inspection dept., and other
electrostatic equipment end users.

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HVP 125: kV Meter
This meter accurately measures in kV the high voltage at the end of the spray gun.
The meter comes with a ground connection that MUST be connected to ground
prior to starting. To get a measurement, place the spherical end of the probe in
contact with the electrode (of the gun), or with the bellcup.
Press the thumb switch: direct reading from the meter display.
This meter is not suitable for use with Tribo equipment.

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Control module REV 600

The REV 600 module allows the operator to run his installation extremely simply:
> Very user-friendly: the learning process is quick and intuitive - graphic icon display.
> System reliability: the system is managed by a programmable logic controller (PLC).
> Easy to use: the intuitive interface simplifies the selection from each menu to
the maximum.
> Time saving: easy calibration of the high and low points and the robot axis.
> Ergonomics: touch screen controls make action inputting simple and fast.

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RFV 2000: Electronically-controlled reciprocator
The RFV 2000 reciprocator drives the movement of all automatic spray
guns produced by SAMES and other manufacturers.
Customer advantages:
> Simple construction and operation (very long service life).
> Sweeping stroke and speed adjustable remotely over a very wide range.
> Optimum safety: the reciprocator is CE, Ex and FM approved.
> Reduced maintenance: limited to cleaning the chains and transmission devices.
> Installation requiring no special provision (the robot can be
positioned or displaced manually without effort).

RVF 2000 reciprocator is controlled by:
:: an REV 600 module
:: or a PLC in the case of sophisticated automatic systems
Effective stroke 800 to 3400mm according to version

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PVV Easycolor : Quick color change automatic powder booth
The PVV Easycolor booth is an entirely modular type booth.
Made of composite materials, its structure offers an ideal combination of
very rapid color changing (6 to 12min) and application quality as
demanded by our customers.
:: Automatic compressed air cleaning system for:
> venturi feed pumps
> powder hoses and inside of spray guns
> reclaim powder hose
:: Outside of spray guns are cleaned inside the booth
:: Flat floor for easy clearing and maintenance access
:: Control cabinet containing internal PC with color touch-screen control
:: Cyclone with integral sieve and filter preventing polymerization of powder
:: Part detection system (portico mount) is an option

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Manucart 4500 - Manual powder booth:
Modular manual electrostatic powder booth:
This manual powder booth is designed to equip manual powder installations.
Ideal for use in very small spaces, MANUCART is suitable for small and
medium production series. The MANUCART 4500 is a powder coating booth
that is able to extract and filter the powder-laden air.
It can be used for powder coating a prototype or samples and can also be
adapted for use with a conveyor. The booth can cater for parts or objects
up to 1.2 m high, 1m wide and 0.65m deep

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Tribo Electrostatic Spray Gun JR 106
The JR 106 is a Tribo-electric (friction charging)
powder coating gun .
It is particularly suitable for general industrial
applications involving complex surfaces or recoating.
The range is called the TRIBOJET 106 and features
the gun in a variety of packages configurations.

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E- jet electrostatic manual powder coating gun:
Some features of the gun:
• Rear part of the handle can be adjusted with two interchangeable soft gibes
Easy handling- adapted to operator's hand size.
• Adjustable setting of parameters
Optimum electrostatic charge, whatever the part or type of powder.
• Easy application of metallic powder.
• New nozzles are very resistant to abrasion- long life time.
• Optimum safety that complies with std EN50050:2001, CE and ATEX.

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Mach-Jet - New generation of electrostatic powder coating equipment:
Some features of the gun:
• Lightness & balance are among best available in the market
Reduce operator's fatigue.
• Quick release powder hose coupling
Fast color changing & very easy cleaning.
• Rotating of powder hose
ease of movement of operator's wrist+ protects hose
from pinching.
Simple functions, controlled from the gun
User friendliness + time saving to modify settings while operating

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