TIS is a pioneer company and guiding principle in powder coating systems, we provide equipments and instruments which used in powder coating process and quality control

CREATING SOLUTIONS is our way to satisfy our customers, 6 years experience give us trust and success work at the first time deal. Because we are the sole agent for the companies which they are leaders in manufacturing of powder coating systems, we have the capability to meet always the customers need.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONWe have learned, by listening to our customers and working to educate our customers, that we have achieved total customer satisfaction.

PERFECT WORK Because we understand our customer time importance and appreciate that the customer application needs the perfection, we have found our way to complete work by our expertise team in a short time and perfect finish.

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Surtec is a leader company with an experience of 15 years in chemical treatment of metal surface and electroplating.
It is located in Germany and own wide-base branches around the World. Fortunately, it has a branch in the gulf area located in Sharjah, UAE Surtec ME LLC.
Surtec is a well-known in the field of metal surface treatment it's well organized, prepared, equipped and ready to exceed the customer expectations.
The company has high level qualified QC, QA and R D. and hence, can give the customer total conformed product even than expected and the service for first-time solution.
In compared with the market, it is unique and has a patent in some products innovation like chrome free products and trivalent chrome which is total environmentally, safely handling and better quality products.
Here is a bird's eye view on the products of Surtec

Products serve the steel field
Cleaners Degreasers like Systobond Cleaner 1103 B, Systospray 92+60, Surtec 001, Surtec 174 etc.
Phosphating Chemicals like Systobond 87 Z, Systophos 309, Surtec 600, Surtec 610, Surtec 617 etc.

Products serve the Aluminum field
Cleaners Etching Chemicals like Systoclean 165, Systodesox 1362/5, and Surtec 117 etc.
Additives for pickling, E0, E6 like Surtec 402, Surtec 400 etc.
Additives- Anodizing like Surtec 312, Surtec 311 etc.
Coloring products for electrolytic colorations like Surtec 321, Surtec 321 A .etc.

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