TISENG group of companies provides integrated solutions in machinery and surface finishing.
From the very beginning of processing with materials and going through fabrication and quality
management, we professionally meet and exceed all the requirements and expectations.
Starting from planning your industrial project, TISENG group will provide you with consulting views
that help you select the right materials, machines and management to run the project successfully.
Turn-key projects are just one of our scopes of work.

Our services include but not limited to:
  • Machinery and industrial materials.
  • Powder coating and wet paint equipment.
  • Powder coating and wet paint lines.
  • Chemicals for surface treatment.
  • Lab instruments.
  • Steel fabrications.
  • Industrial consulting services.

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Innovative electrostatic solution of paint and powder coating:

SAMES from France is able to answer to any and all of your needs and requests for the finishing of your product, by providing you with a solution adapted to your technical requirements and budget considerations.
Manual, auto guns, robots, booths and many other products from SAMES.
SAMES expertise and permanent innovation in the fields of liquid and powder alike, allows offering the most comprehensive line of electrostatic applicators available on the market place.

Manucart 4500 - Manual powder booth:
Modular manual electrostatic powder booth:
This manual powder booth is designed to equip manual powder installations.
Ideal for use in very small spaces, MANUCART is suitable for small and
medium production series. The MANUCART 4500 is a powder coating booth
that is able to extract and filter the powder-laden air.
It can be used for powder coating a prototype or samples and can also be
adapted for use with a conveyor. The booth can cater for parts or objects
up to 1.2 m high, 1m wide and 0.65m deep

Download the PDF Cataloge for the Product.
Tribo Electrostatic Spray Gun JR 106
The JR 106 is a Tribo-electric (friction charging)
powder coating gun .
It is particularly suitable for general industrial
applications involving complex surfaces or recoating.
The range is called the TRIBOJET 106 and features
the gun in a variety of packages configurations.

Download the PDF Cataloge for the Product.
E- jet electrostatic manual powder coating gun:
Some features of the gun:
• Rear part of the handle can be adjusted with two interchangeable soft gibes
Easy handling- adapted to operator's hand size.
• Adjustable setting of parameters
Optimum electrostatic charge, whatever the part or type of powder.
• Easy application of metallic powder.
• New nozzles are very resistant to abrasion- long life time.
• Optimum safety that complies with std EN50050:2001, CE and ATEX.

Download the PDF Cataloge for the Product.
Mach-Jet - New generation of electrostatic powder coating equipment:
Some features of the gun:
• Lightness & balance are among best available in the market
Reduce operator's fatigue.
• Quick release powder hose coupling
Fast color changing & very easy cleaning.
• Rotating of powder hose
ease of movement of operator's wrist+ protects hose
from pinching.
Simple functions, controlled from the gun
User friendliness + time saving to modify settings while operating

Download the PDF Cataloge for the Product.

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