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TISENG group of companies provides integrated solutions in machinery and surface finishing.
From the very beginning of processing with materials and going through fabrication and quality
management, we professionally meet and exceed all the requirements and expectations.
Starting from planning your industrial project, TISENG group will provide you with consulting views
that help you select the right materials, machines and management to run the project successfully.
Turn-key projects are just one of our scopes of work.

Our services include but not limited to:
  • Machinery and industrial materials.
  • Powder coating and wet paint equipment.
  • Powder coating and wet paint lines.
  • Chemicals for surface treatment.
  • Lab instruments.
  • Steel fabrications.
  • Industrial consulting services.

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Attached is the project made by our company to the government, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SASO. The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) was established pursuant to the Royal Decree No. M/10 dated 03/03/1392 H as a body of judicial personality and
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We are inviting all of you to see and visit us this coming MAY 1 -4 2016 at Metal and Steel Saudi Arabia 2016, FABEX Arabia 2016, the location is Riyadh International Exhibition Center - Saudi Arabia.

Looking forward to see you there and make business with you

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Our Products

This affordable beam coping machine will widen your profit margin for sure. The machine can easily replace 5 guys. Our beam coping machine is equipped with a single torch oxy-fuel or plasma.

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Auto-Mach-Jet : Automatic electrostatic powder coating equipment
Sames Automatic
The Auto-Mach-Jet is the most flexible of the SAMES automatic
powder coating applicators.
With an integrated generator working in conjunction with the new
CRN 457 control unit, this applicator provides unbeatable application
quality. All types of coating powders can be sprayed with the
Auto-Mach-Jet on profiles, tubular-shaped, flat or voluminous parts.
This sturdy applicator has been designed particularly for intensive
production in high volumes.
It can be used from a stationary position or mounted on a reciprocator.
Customer benefits:
> High transfer efficiency
> Easy maintenance, the gun is easy to dismantle
> Q/D on powder connection (option)
> High resistance to shocks
> Large choice of nozzles
> Quick disconnect counter electrode
> Improved finish
> The controller provides accurate and fine setting of high voltage (KV)
and current (microAmps): by adapting easily these parameters to the site
conditions (parts shape, target distance, powder flow), the Auto-Mach-jet
+ CRN 457 package will allow you to improve on powder penetration into
complex parts, on wraparound when needed, on touching up or
re-coating parts, to ultimately always offer you the best finished product
The applicator meets the requirements of: EN50050/2001, CE, and ATEX

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